Learning web mapping activity

Think of learning situations you’ve experienced

  • on your own
  • With someone else
  • In a group
    (learning situations can be either in school or outside of school)

Jot down the three learning situations

  • use sticky notes or small pieces of paper
  • keep them short, for example, words or one sentence 

4 small sticky notes on a table with short notes written on each

Place each learning situation on the learning web

  • middle is “great/easy”
  • edges is “not great/difficult”.

drawn spider web labeled easy at outside edge and hard in the middleFour sticky notes placed in various spots on a drawn spider web

Link here for a Spider Web template

Add notes for each learning situation

include in your notes:

  • reasons why it was or wasn’t a good experience
  • how would you design the learning situation to be easier? more difficult? Answer these questions based on where the learning situation is placed on the learning web

hand written reasons for why something was difficult or easy and how they could be made more difficult or easy