Coding to Learn and Create Project Brainstorming February 1, 2019

Agile Project Planning

  • Short iteration periods—two weeks
    • Can switch down to one week iterations closer to major releases/milestones
  • Create user stories
    • Have a high-level planning meeting periodically, but less often than per sprint; perhaps every quarter or monthly?
    • Start by having a few people within the project team (Colin and Sepideh and Michelle?) to collect user stories and prioritize them
    • In the long run, aim to have user stories created by community members and our co-designers
  • Tasking meetings for each iteration, where we set priorities and estimate user stories
  • Daily stand-ups for the project team (in addition to keeping the whole community in the loop with the Daily Connections meeting)
  • Fine grained, technical issues are stored in JIRA (or Github Issues), but then we will use a more collaborative and annotative environment (wiki page? Google Doc?) with links to organize an iteration and/or larger milestone
  • Different levels of plans:
    1. Whole project plan
    2. Per-milestone (6 month period)
    3. Release plan
    4. Iteration plan
  • Tools we'll consider:
    • For user stories
    • For iteration plans

Staffing Ramp-Up

  • Simon at 80% FTE by February 11
  • Michelle at 40% FTE starting February 4
  • Avtar 80% FTE starting after his retreat
  • Sepideh 50% FTE after Feb 6

Initial Tasks

  • Create mailing list (what do we call it?) (Michelle)
    • "code and create"
    • "code to create"
    • "code learn create"
  • Gather topics for face to face meeting agenda (Michelle)
  • Support equipment purchases
    • Review the list of coding tools in our budget and work with Bert to get quotes and order them
      • Are there any tools that our partners would prefer?
  • Start with an initial "epic planning" by going through the CA milestones and creating user stories
  • Decide which issue tracking tool to use (JIRA or Github Issues)
  • Create a list of resources (wiki page until we have a website?) (Simon)
  • Move our Milestones Plan from Google Doc into a wiki page or public Google Doc (Colin)
  • Create a wiki landing page for the project (Colin)
  • Write an updated two-pager on the project (Colin)