(SJRK) January 15, 2019 Partners Meeting

Dana, Michelle, Tata, Juliana, James, Liam, Sophie


  • Set up a meeting with Dana and Bahati (and Liam?) - using WhatsApp to talk about details for workplan and budget going forward

Resources that can be added to the site now?

  • James has some resources that he will try to get to us before Friday that can be put on the site now


    • Fresno plan is clear

    • Hector is identifying the teachers who are interested in using the local network, he will install the local network in the schools in rural area in Fresno (different schools than we’ve been working with so far)

    • Tata can then work with the students there

    • Depends on how many teachers/schools respond and are interested

    • How can we replicate the experience we had last year?

    • How do we continue to support the students/schools from last year?

    • Tata will visit Fresno in Feb

    • Some of the schools are very remote

    • Medellin / Platohedro plan is less clear  

    • Fresno plan is taking 90% of the budget - how to continue support in Medellin?

    • We don’t know how to continue the support to Medellin

    • Hoping we can figure out a good way to collaborate with them

    • Don’t want to lose the storytelling piece of the project - not just the technical part

    • When Tata visits Fresno she can hopefully get a better sense of how to do this.

  • Resources update

    • Has resources to add related to

Liam checked in with our tech team about TIGed being deployed as an offline (LAN based) system. This could be feasible with about a weeks worth of tech time, and some of the features, like google maps would not work without a connection. This is something we have talked about and wanted to do for a while, but isn't ready to go based on the existing system... If there are existing systems that are already working like the RACHEL system I understand being deployed, the path of least resistance may be to proceed with these proven systems VS undertaking a bunch of new tech development to upgrade the existing TIGed system


Draft Work plan is here https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fsfFqtFxdjxT5Md1D7peB55CXcXqPXS77lkIN-cUaU4/edit

  1. SDG toolkit drafting updates

  • Waterloo global science initiative - Canada-wide SDG strategy conversation focused on how campuses can accelerate work on  

  • Other work reinforcing the SDG work

  • Possible collaboration with James/UWEZO

B) Water quality Initiatives

  • Checking in with interest around water quality work in Indigenous communities

  • TIG and Partner CGE is working on UNESCO water focused mobilization as a continuation of Decarbonize project.

  • Indigenous language revitalization - content being created in Whose Land and Create to Learn

  • Projects are booting up in the new year Liam is in a phase where he is checking in with the leadership of these TIG programms to explore alignment

  • Video transcriptions is a piece of the work that needs to be done

  • Cyber-bullying - what does everyone think? Catalina was interested

  • Scaling of coding initiatives - not scheduled to proceed after March (grant cycle ends)

  • Storytelling tool - Sepideh and others at IDRC

    • Learning to learn

    • TIG - future pathways - Indigenous post-secondary education - how they are learning their culture and traditional skills

  • Workplan at the moment is more of a brainstorm - need to pare it down based on internal alignment as well as collaboration opportunities across SJRK

  • It looks like we are going to be focusing on Water issues for the next iteration of Decarbonize / Decolonize - so there may be an opportunity to scale the water testing element more . globally (across the various UNESCO schools / countries involved in the mobilizations this year)

What are the “gaps” in the project now?

  • Hearing the voices of youth

    • Upcoming story jams:

      • TIG Jan 30

      • Halifax Feb 6

      • Gathering stories - sharing those stories publicly

    • Gathering stories in Rwanda? Need to translate the tool

    • Storytelling tool at library in Fresno? Need to ask Hector - what devices do they have there?

  • Resources