Ideas for how to create dynamic content on the website

Prompt: How might we convey a dynamic, lively community on the website with minimal to zero content curation or maintenance?

Quick / easy:

  • Directory / map being populated with different co-ops
  • Success stories being created and posted
  • Incorporating social media (twitter, fb, etc)

More substantial ideas:

  • Surfacing a sampler of all activity on the landing page
    • Latest discussions (user-generated)
    • Potential plugin from fb or slack
    • Latest success stories (curated)
    • Latest resources posted (user-generated)
    • Latest co-op started (user-generated)
    • Featured co-op of the month (curated)
    • News (curated)
    • Events (user-generated)
  • Incorporating a reddit style upvote / downvote system
    • Top rated resources
    • Most replied to discussion
    • Top rated tools
    • etc
  • Personalized page or “feed” upon signing up / logging in - Feedly style
    • Identify categories that you are interested in - ex. Beauty (industry), co-ops in India (location), starting up (stage of operations), challenges, etc
    • Get catered content based on other content tagged with those categories