Community Meeting (November 14, 2018): Preferences Framework


Presenters: Justin, Alan, et al.

We’ll be discussing the integrator experience and, if time, the user experience and future plans for the preferences framework.


  • Topics that come up from CISL project
  • Integration of UIO
    • requires some level of technical proficiency to add UIO to the site and a level of proficiency of CSS to have it work well with the site
      • Often there is a lot of fixing of the CSS requires because the site has been developed without UIO in mind.
        • This is often where people give up and look for an alternative out-of-the-box solution
        • issues may be related to using old version of bootstrap that didn't use em values
    • the integrations that tend to work the best are partners that work through those issues and engage the community
      • however the documentation we have may not be sufficient and the on ramping can be challenging.
    • New developers may be looking for something that works with webpack or browserifty to have it be part of their site bundle.
    • potentially use UIO+ as a quick way to evaluate frameworks and sites for UIO compatibility.
  • Need to look into optimizations for slow networks and hardware