Community Meeting (November 7, 2018): Seeing with Other Eyes


Presenters: Lisa Liskovoi

Recapping a photography exhibit by and for the visually impaired at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.



  • An Imagine Conceptual project carried out by Movimento de Expressao Fotografica (Movement of Photographic Expression, MFF)
    • to promote artistic production,...
  • Partnered people with blindness and other forms of visual impairment with relevant institutions
    • The institutions weren't specified
    • Participants ranged in age from 7 to 78
      • exposed to various aesthetic movements through art history and descriptions of works, both through touch and descriptions
      • asked to describe images that occurred to them as a consequence around different themes
      • asked to photographically produce the images they described
        • the creators of the photographs took an active role in creating them
  • Artwork
    • works were presented through images, audio descriptions, and touch
    • for each piece the original photo is shown along with a tactile version overplayed over the photograph
      • the material of the tactile version is felt
      • there is some value mapping for brightness with depth, but additional textures added for example hatched lines to indicate material of a sweater in the image