Project Stories

Use this wiki page to tell stories from your projects.

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Things to Highlight

  • ‘aha moments’ for you as a researcher

  • Bridging divides

  • Creating community

  • Happy anecdotes

  • Reminiscences about ATRC, IDRC

  • History including from people no longer at IDRC

  • Metrics and the edge

  • Roots of the project

  • User engagement in co-design


  • Use and reliance on technology and focusing on the user
    • Spending all night trying to download an Ubuntu update

EdReady / CMHR IAD Guide / Valuable Leader Project CCL

  • CMHR museum tour
    • seeing the keypad, and inclusive exhibits
  • EdReady workshop
    • User stories - the soccer player trying to take online courses


  • OpenEd 2015
    • Impromptu opportunistic user testing
    • In some ways this was the beginning of the idea for a Create-a-Thon
  • Jesse's visit
    • continual involvement w community
  • Sonification involvement
    • Work w Bruce's group at Geogria Tech.