Community Meeting (August 15, 2018): Presentation on GSoC 2018 Projects



  • Victor Alagwu: Upgrading AChecker
  • Kunal Mohta: Build a service for adaptive content and learning supports
  • Jeevan Prakash: Import external data to MyL3
  • Ria Bhatia: Inclusively design and build a game for kids
  • Christine Hu: Playtown!: Creativity through exploration

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. Students work with an open source organization on a 3 month programming project during their break from school.

Video Recording


Upgrading AChecker

  • Upgraded AChecker so that is will be compatible with PHP 7.0+ and MySQL 4.1.13+
    • upgraded MySQL queries to MySQLi
    • several other changes were required
    • updated AChecker to version 1.5

Build a service for adaptive content and learning supports

  • Meant to be an easy to use REST API for services like dictionary look-up, translation, spell-check and etc
  • main aim was to have a well documented, refactored, easy to understand and test covered api 
  • Tasks achieved this year 
    • Services
      • Dictionary service
        • Used Wikitionary and Oxford
      • NLP (Natural language processing)
        • currently only adding meaningful tags to the text  (e.g grammatical constructs)
        • Used Compromise
      • Translation
        • Used Yandex, Google
    • Testing
      • unit tests
      • integration tests
        • test overall API responses
        • used nock to mock servers
      • contract tests
        • to test response structure from third part services
        • used AJV to test JSON schemas
    • Documentation
      • Swagger
      • GitHub repo README
  • Remaining work
    • convert existing functions to Kettle Middleware
    • Implement HATEOS for all endpoints
    • Optimize the application
      • reduce number of request by caching data on the server

Import external data to MyL3

  • My life long learning lab
    • Data sources
      • import weather data
      • import map and location
      • import Google fit data
      • import Facebook status
    • Importing data
      • can select which type of data you'd like to import
        • for example from weather can choose the temperature 
      • location
        • will reverse geocode the location to transform the longitude and latitude into an address
      • Google fit
    • quick notes
      • track your data (enter data
    • playground
      • reflect on your data

Inclusively design and build a game for kids

  • Worked on two games 
    • eye gaze
      • control using eye gaze, instead of using a mouse for example.
      • on problem with these games is that most are very simple, don't involve enough exploration and discovery
      • Game SPIFIND
        • would use eye gaze (can optionally use the mouse) to find spiders. 
          • the room is blacked out, but where the gaze is there is a spotlight
        • includes gifs as well as text to explain how to play the game
        • other than being fun, it will help the children build up their eye muscles 
        • received positive feedback from children playing the game
    • digital literacy for visually impaired children (1 - 2 years old)
      • Music Mania
        • in this game you can press any key and it will produce a musical sound
        • fun to play music for keys
        • will help the children learn the various key and their locations

Playtown!: Creativity through exploration

  • switched optimized game