GSOC 2018 - Inclusively Design & Build a Game for Kids

Playtown!: Creativity through Exploration

Student: Unknown user 


“Playtown!” is a web game for kids to discover and personalize their own world. Users start on the town map, and by choosing different locations, they can:

  • build a robot,
  • customize an avatar,
  • build an ice cream sundae, and
  • design a house!

All controls will be fully switch-enabled, with users also able to adjust text size and scroll speed.

On the technical side, the game will be built with:

  • HTML, JavaScript, & CSS (Using the Phaser game engine)
  • Assembly, InkScape, & TexturePacker (Sprite creation)

Check out current progress here

Partners + Mentors

Partners: Beit Issie ShapiroHolland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

Mentors: Jess Mitchell, Alan Harnum, Dana Ayotte, Gregor Moss 

Working Documents

Project Resources

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Pronouns: She/her/hers

Time zone: PDT (UTC-07:00) 

IRC: christinehu


Skype: huchristine.17_1

Slack: Christine Hu