Community Meeting Notes (Mar 28, 2018) - Onboarding for learning with online systems


Presenters: Alana Callan

New Problem Statement:

Technology is an affordance that can be used to support and propagate learning in our busy, connected, global world. But how do you design for effective and engaging online learning to occur?

You design it well and provide a ‘map’ so that the learner knows:

Where they are when they enter the course
The see a ‘map’ of the course and directions on how to follow it
They see optional ‘routes’ and ‘places to explore’
This design framework allows the instructor/faculty member/ or teacher to facilitate learning, encourage active participation, and a map of how the students will successfully arrive at the end and what they will have accomplished or experienced along the way.

Proposed Outputs of My Research Project:

A framework for developing critical wayfinding/navigation system that supports learners (in higher education, specifically at the college level) when they enter a learning environment (Course page, Course site, virtual environment, etc.,) and need to know where they are, where they are going, what they will be doing along the way, and how they get to the end successfully.

The initial conceptualization of this project is to create a course wayfinding system or map that is built based on the learning outcomes of the course or the competencies being assessed, the organization of the course in terms of content, activities, and assessments (evaluation).

Courses could then be mapped to the program outcomes or competencies.

Programs could be mapped to further educational or experience pathways, career paths, or other options that could be explored by the learner.

This project will focus on designing a course wayfinding/mapping framework, future research may take this further should I seek research funding or other learning opportunities that will allow me to continue with this concept development.

Proposed Outcomes of Research Project

Design a course blueprint template that helps the content expert (teacher, faculty or instructor) align content, activities and assessment to the learning outcomes of the course. This course blueprint will be used to design a wayfinding/mapping system that will support the learner’s journey through the course and provide them with the overview and the directions they need to successfully travel to the end of the course.


Video Recording



There is a 'map' of the artwork that was used describe the painting to a group member who was blind and was creating an audio soundscape - by using this interactive map he was able to create a soundscape that was literal to the painting.