(SJRK) Partners Meeting Notes March 6, 2018


  • Alan

  • Dana

  • Gregor

  • Jess

  • Michelle

  • Silvia


  • Talked about deliverables and partner funding timing


  • March 22 will have the Cuentalo platform ready

  • 20 stories in first part of project - on the platform

  • Already have 16 stories

  • Have a youtube channel

  • Stories currently in spanish but will be translating to English

  • Will also include 2 documents in deliverable

    1. 1. What is environmental problem in Cartagena - done

    • 2. What are the data that the Environmental Guardians are collecting

      • Plan to send 2nd doc this week

      • Next steps - how to visualize the data? work with IDRC on this.

  • 2nd step of contract

    • Technical approach - develop software to visualize data

    • Learning platform ?

  • All information from the project will be available to public

  • One of the videos is about the significance of hair and hairstyle in discrimination of people of African descent in Colombia

  • Another of the videos is about a band/orchestra made up of people with visual impairments, and shows how they engage in entrepreneurship

  • The theme of the videos is of diversity in general

  • They touch on the most important aspects of diversity in Cartagena

  • April 28 event with young people in Cartagena (Jutta attending)

  • Live streaming with SJRK team!

  • Meet next week to discuss data visualization work - want to include others from FUTCO in the meeting - better in the morning - Monday or Tuesday, Silvia will set up a Doodle poll