(SJRK) December 19, 2017 Partners Meeting Notes


  • Liam
  • Alan
  • Michelle
  • Gregor


  • Reviewing Liam's/TIG's SJRK Sustainable Development Goals Toolkit document
  • Concerns are mainly around personally identifiable or otherwise sensitive information
  • Fractal codesign!
  • Basic first steps for the coming year
  • Static and accessible resources
  • PDF with good accessibility
  • Static website
  • Then determine how to improve upon it
  • Open licencing, CC licencing
  • To facilitate translation, adaptation, other contexts
  • Some of TIG's existing guides are already under open licences, apparently
  • May depend on who was funding it
  • Still nailing down a date for an announcement or "media splash"
  • Looking at the latter part of next year, September/October
  • Inviting other partners to contribute
  • Timing?
  • Some of their projects will contribute in different ways
  • Breaking up authoring of the guide/toolkit into smaller more manageable parts