Community Meeting Notes (Nov 29, 2017) - Creative Commons Canada


Presenters:  Kelsey Merkley

Come join us for a community meeting to discuss the new Creative Commons Global Community, how to join CC Canada and a licence refresh. An opportunity to hear case studies from IDRC and challenges and opportunities faced using CC Licences and your projects. Finally a discussion on reframing OER as an opportunity to support student mental health in Ontario.


  • Who is a copyright holder? 
    • Copyright is automatic, everyone is a copyright holder.
  • Creative Commons && CC Licenses
    • US Based non-profit
    • been around for 16 years
    • 1.2 billions works in the commons
    • Global movement
    • Global network
    • CC Search
      • new tool in beta
      • currently 12 million works
  • CC 4.0 
    • you can ask to have your attribution removed if the work isn't be used in a way you like.
    • It's a global license
    • 3 layers to the license
      • legal
      • human readable
      • machine readable
    • CC-0 
      • similar to public domain
  • Made with Creative Commons
    • first book