Community Meeting Notes (Oct 4, 2017) - Community meeting notification and dissemination

People who are new or have not attended don’t know what to expect.

  • Some people are afraid of attending these meetings and don’t know this is an informal meeting

  • Some expect to present their ideas to a large group of people, and we are a small group

  • When inviting people, describing what’s in it for them, what we can give back besides feedback.

Recording Live streaming:

  • Good idea to get a broader reach

  • Consent from everybody who is attending these meeting (both present at the meeting or remote) > we usually ask participants beforehand if they are ok with recording and when we do screen sharing that’s all you see

  • Problems with not providing accessible versions of it e.g. captioning > is it possible to crowdsource transcribers? Are there software solutions for this?

  • Even automatic transcription and editing takes 3-4 times the length of the video

  • Issues with timing (people working and students at school) > even an option to watch it after the fact

  • Just for preservation of the content

  • YouTube channel (?)

Other Dissemination:

  • Make it a habit to have collaborative shared notes of the meeting.

  • Where do we share these notes?

    • Google Docs

    • Wiki

    • GPII pad

    • Possible persistence issues

Broadening the reach of community meetings:

  • How do we broaden our reach? In addition to mailing lists

  • Using Twitter and social media

  • Even interesting aspects could be tweeted; even live tweeted.

  • Civic Tech Toronto. They have people speak every Tuesday. We can have someone from us get the word out and tell them about us.

  • Also the Accessibility and Inclusive Design meetup group

  • UX Toronto

  • Other events like A11y camp, conferences - we could have flyers?

  • Connect to similar groups and communities across the world

  • Advertise on meetup

  • Monthly digest

  • Announce external guests and interesting topics as news items on the website

How do we support larger audience:

  • What is the maximum number of people who can use Vidyo if we don’t do live streaming

  • How many people can fit in the physical space

Are there any similar groups that we could have joined meetings with them? Or closer relationships with to have ongoing exchange of ideas

Are there groups in OCAD we could work with?

Push out our perspectives and not limit the topics

Because our work is constantly immersed in inclusive design, we might have some unique insights that we could bring to conferences that involve people who aren’t always thinking about inclusivity. We could network with some of these people and invite them to talk, perhaps.