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Greetings everyone,

This is a friendly reminder that the Canadian Accessible Procurement Workshop is next week. 
This federally funded event is bringing together relevant stakeholders and experts with the goal of informing recommendations for a Canadian approach to standards and regulations for federal public procurement of accessible information and communication technologies (ICTs). 
The event will be moderated and documented for a report that will be submitted to the Federal Government of Canada, Office for Disability Issues (housed within ESDC—Employment and Social Development Canada).
We look forward to your voice being at the table. 
Please find below, in the body of the email, the event agenda for your reference. 
The agenda is also available on the IDRC wiki website

For the Workshop discussion questions please follow this link ( or you can download the attached Word document titled Accessible Procurement Workshop Q&A Live Working Document.


If you are behind a firewall or have issues connecting, please join by teleconference at: 

Phone in: 416-343-0136
Conference ID: 3616080

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October 10, 9:00am – 5:00pm
October 11, 9:00am – 1:00pm

Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD U, 205 Richmond St. W., Toronto

Tuesday, October 10
  9:00   Meet and Greet
  9:30   Introductions, Framing and Group Formation (Moderator: Jutta Treviranus)
10:00   What is the future we want? How far away are we?
11:00   Break
11:15   Harmonization with EU and US?
• Insights from USKaren Peltz-StraussDavid CapozziDeborah Kaplan
• Insights from EU: Inmaculada Placencia PorreroGregg Vanderheiden
• Insights from Ontario & Manitoba: Ann HoyYutta Fricke (John Wyndels)
  1:00   Lunch and continued conversation
  2:00   “Evergreen” strategies?
  3:00   Short-term concrete gains and long-term systemic gains?
  3:30   Coffee Break
  3:45   Scope: products and services (which are included?)
  4:15   Scope: public and private sector organizations (differential requirements?)
  5:00   Adjourn

Wednesday, October 11
  8:30   Meet and chat
  9:00   Scope: procurement processes (intervention opportunities)?
  9:45   Proactive accessibility strategies?
10:30   Break
10:45   Compliance evaluation, reporting, and testing?
11:15   Larger public-sector leadership?
12:00   How should Canada lead globally?
  1:00   Invitation to DEEP lunch and Panel