Social Justice Repair Kit - Slack Information

Slack InstanceSlack Admins (Who To Ask for an Invite or Help)

Primary: Alan Harnum

Backups: Colin Clark, Dana Ayotte, Jess Mitchell

What's Slack?

We are experimentally trying a Slack instance for this project to enable easier communications between all of us. Joining Slack isn't mandatory, but we're hoping it will make for more casual contact / spontaneous communication, and give us all a place to hang out.

Slack is a very popular collaboration tool for remote teams that enables chat, file sharing and other features.

Slack's help section is available at

Joining Slack

  1. Request an invite from one of the admins above, supplying your email address.
  2. Follow the instructions in the email to join.

Slack Clients for Specific Platforms

Along with the web interface, Slack has clients for specific platforms (desktop and smartphone) available at

Joining Using an IRC Client

We have enabled IRC bridge support for our instance, for those who prefer an IRC client interface for reasons of familiarity, accessibility or otherwise. Your client will need to support SSL for an encrypted connection.

When logged in to Slack, you can get the information you need to connect via IRC at

General help on connecting using an IRC client is available at

Please also feel free to ask us (especially Alan) for assistance if you need help configuring your client.