Building a Bundle

The steps to package the source code are:

  1. With a clone from the main project repository, switch to the tag. These instructions assume the tag name is "v4.0.0"
    • Execute:

      # with a fresh clone
      git clone
      cd infusion
      git checkout v4.0.0
      # with an existing clone
      git fetch upstream
      git checkout v4.0.0
  2. Run the npm script to build the release bundles:

    # infusion-all bundle
    npm run build:pkg
    # UIO bundle 
    npm run build:pkg:custom -- -i fluid-ui-options

    This creates a folder called products and places the release bundle there; e.g.

    • This infusion-all zip file should contain the license files, as well as source, demos, examples, and tests
    • The UIO bundle will not include demos, examples and tests.
    • Each time the build is run, the previous artifacts are removed, be sure to save the zip file somewhere else before executing the next build type