Accessible Annotation Creation Tool Notes

Use cases

  • - Highlighting online textbooks and articles
  • Feedback tool - selection of content and request a translation, alternative, explanation, etc.
  • Metadata authoring - select a section of content in the editor and insert a citation, link, bold text etc.

Two Use Cases: Read-only and Edit Cases

  • If the user is in edit mode (i.e. the user is in an editable text area, or in an application like a rich text editor)
  • If the user is in a read-only mode


  • If using a screen reader - how do you know where a selection has started and ended?
  • If a user has to switch modes to go into a "select mode"
    • Where do you know to put the caret?
  • How will keyboard only ( no screen reader ) interactions work?

Web Standards

Existing Examples