FluidRelease Process - Announce the Release

Release Process - Announce the Release

Create release news item

Post a news item on the project website (http://fluidproject.org) announcing the release. The news item should include:

  • the version number
  • instructions for obtaining a copy of the release
  • a description of what's new in the release

Send release e-mails

Send an email announcing the release to any communities that might be interested. These will likely include:

The email should include basically the same information that is in the release news item:

  • the version number
  • instructions for obtaining a copy of the release
  • a description of what's new in the release

See below for a sample announcement email template.

Sample Release Announcement e-mail

The Fluid community is pleased to announce the release of Infusion 1.3!

Infusion 1.3 is a major new release of Fluid's JavaScript application framework. This version includes substantial accessibility improvements, plugin-free HTML 5 support for the Uploader component, and variety of new framework features including the Inversion of Control system for creating highly adaptable and easy-to-test applications.

Download the entire package of Infusion 1.3 at: http://fluidproject.org/index.php/download-infusion or through NPM: https://www.npmjs.com/package/infusion

What's new in this release?

  • Sneak Peek at the new Inversion of Control (IoC) system
  • Uploader support for HTML 5
  • Flash-free for modern browsers!
  • Substantially improved keyboard and screen reader accessibility
  • Comprehensive automatic progressive enhancement based on browser capabilities
  • Tons of accessibility improvements
  • Better feedback for the Progress component
  • Enhanced screen reader support for the Inline Edit component
  • Location and movement announcements for the Reorderer component
  • No wrap option for the Reorderer component
  • The new Infusion Builder site, which allows you to create custom builds
  • Renderer improvements
  • ChangeApplier now supports transactions
  • Bug fixes
  • Many improved demos

We have updated our supported browser matrix to harmonize it with the latest Yahoo! A-Grade support. For more information, see our Browser Support documentation at http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/fluid/Browser+Support

A huge thanks to all our users and everyone in the community for their hard work on this release!