PhET Tasking

Late May Milestone

High Priority

  • Keyboard and screen reader accessibility integration with PhET Scenery module (John Travoltage)
  • Sonification designs (John Travoltage)
  • Design documentation and early designs (Energy Skate Park)

Medium Priority

  • Early sonification implementation (John Travoltage)
  • Early sound effects implementation (John Travoltage)

Low Priority

  • Text and controls options early design (John Travoltage)

John Travoltage HTML Markup

Come up with a new way to report electrons (not using Progress)  Try using role=status.

John Travoltage PhET Scenery Integration

Learn scenery5dJOIt's an ongoing process. Learning things as I need them.
Integrate HTML demo with Scenery Model10dJO

  • Added sliders for the arm and leg
  • Linked the sliders to the model
  • Adjusted the arm so the centre position pointed at the doorknob
  • Added value-text to sliders
  • Added discharge alert
  • Alert works in most browser/platform combinations


  • VoiceOver is reading the "aria-valuetext" twice
  • Can we not clip the accessible content so that it is discoverable by dragging over the screen in VoiceOver on iOS?
    • need to still be invisible so that they won't interfere with the sim
  • VoiceOver on iOS prevents sound effects. Will play after VoiceOver is disabled.
  • can scene descriptions be dynamic?
Figure out how to calculate the closest position of the arm to the doorknob. Currently we are using a hard-coded number.   
Figure out how to transition the foot between points if jump keys are pressed (Pgup/Dn, Home/End)   
Figure out how to transition the hand between points if jump keys are pressed (Pgup/Dn, Home/End)   

John Travoltage Sonification + Sound Effects

Sonification: A audio representation of data.

Sound effects: An identifiable sound accompanying an event.

Determine what needs to be sonified2dJH


Design sonification with collaborators8dJH 
Design and implement sound effects5dJH / JO 
Implement sonification10dJO Includes learning what PhET does currently.

Energy Skate Park

Document design issues4dJH 
Early design5dJH 

John Travoltage Text and Controls Options

Description: A feature which allows the user to display text descriptions and slider controls for John Travoltage. The user would be able to interact with both the graphical sim and the slider controls simultaneously.

Create use case3dJH 
Early design2dJH 
High fidelity design JH 

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