April 7, 2016, Meeting re: OER context

Design Guidelines in OER Context April 7

Colin, Dana, Sepideh, Jon



  • Card content
  • Adding content about metadata and authoring
  • Some of the activities could be framed around education and authoring

  • Framing within learning resources
  • shared language around inclusive design
  • "bite-sized", easy to consume

  • Having digital/editable cards:
  • Letting people to contribute to the cards
  • Having digital templates that people can author their cards
  • envision as a repository? e.g. Federated Wiki - maintains spirit of OERs (maleability, adaptability)
  • where could we start with this? had intended the ILDH to be like this - direct editing in Github (using Github editor) - may not really be the experience we want - question of publishing as well - maybe a good way to start
  • Github + a static site
  • buddy system? way of welcoming contributors/contributions and putting them into Github
  • GUIs for docpad - to create content for static sites - could interface with Github
  • database? use Wordpress?
  • eventually - our own authoring tools? perhaps connected to Github behind the scenes
  • similar to other static sites (e.g handbook, infusion) - add editing and feedback functionality
  • Functionality we want?
        • digital, interactive guidelines
        • editable, feedback
        • sketch out some design
    • We could use a similar approach as IDEO for our design cards - for the top level we could use the icons that Dana had already started creating

Next Steps

  • create simple static site
  • allow us to publish different versions easily
  • allow navigation amongst the cards
  • awesome bonus would be to be able to publish a pdf
  • Jon will look into how we could host this
  • include content around strategies for inclusive learning (Dana)
  • some content in ILDH, metadata etc
  • need to do some research
  • CAST - UDL
  • other?
  • strategies that OER creators/teachers/students could use
  • create sketches for design strategies for fully editable site (Dana)