FluidCommunity Meeting Notes (16 March 2016) - Onboarding into the Fluid Community

Community Meeting Notes (16 March 2016) - Onboarding into the Fluid Community

Mailing List thread: fluid-work
Original captured on Viking Pad
    • word-of-mouth
    • attending community meetings
    • mailing lists
    • hired
  • What we could do better
    • distinction / overlap of our various projects
      • so many links to lots of projects can be overwhelming
      • easier if have a single project to start with
      • fluid wiki doesn't provide enough information
    • could have wiki page that links all the info for GSoC students (e.g. related to development)
    • could use an introductory level tutorial to infusion and etc.
    • lots of web sites, not sure where to look for what
    • not sure what type of contributions are needed for the various projects (e.g. develompent, design, research, etc.)
  • Who is in our community/Who isn't?
  • GSoC Specific
    • having time to code review
    • need wiki gardening for resources that are useful
    • need to have clear language for how to do things, may have language barriers
    • should students use the fluid-work mailing list for introductions or stick to the IRC channel
    • keeping track of CLAs
    • Ask past students to provide feedback on their experience, and to provide information about how they learned to use the various tools and etc.
  • Possible solutions
    • Think of Fluid as the umbrella community, and other things like FLOE as projects that are contributed to by it
    • Can have getting involved guides that are specific to the various levels, IDRC, Fluid, etc. and interlink as needed
  • Concrete next steps
    • Getting started page specific to GSoC, expectations.
      • if this is more generic it can be used for interns and other volunteers
    • Looking to Get Involved pages for IDRC, Fluid, etc
    • Wiki gardening
    • Glossary of community specific terminology (e.g. inside jokes, inside knowledge, etc.)
    • Timeline of projects