What's New in Infusion 2.0


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Community Meeting: What's New in Infusion 2.0?
  • Removal of lots of old features
  • Manual lifecycle points finalInit, postInit, etc.
  • Obsolete syntax for arguments, options, etc.
  • Removal of "autoInit"
  • Removal of the old model component hierarchy and "old ChangeApplier" implementation
  • Context Awareness - and things it relies on:
  • Global instantiator
  • Every Infusion component, regardless of how it is instantiated, ends up in a single-rooted tree of components
  • This enables use of modern IoC features such as model relay and declarative event binding
  • Enables use of the root distributeOptions context "/"
  • This also enables the removal of "demands blocks"
  • Useful debugging tip: Watch "fluid.globalInstantiator" in your JS debugging tools to see the structure of your application and its tree.
  • Much faster invokers and boiled listeners (c. 60x faster)
  • Removal of the old "fast/dynamic" invoker distinction
  • View oriented IoC debugging tools
  • FluidViewDebugging.js - include this at the head of your HTML file to get access to the "IoC inspector"
  • When to use context awareness vs some other framework features.
  • Hiearchy of adaptation - 
  • Simplest: Simply send extra constructor arguments to the component when it is made - either as function arguments or subcomponent arguments
  • Middling: Use a distributeOptions block to target the component from elsewhere
  • Most heavyweight: Make it "contextAware" and so respond to distributions from multiple sources in an organised and arbitrated way
  • In relatively straightforward cases, you can just write plain options distributions
  • Perhaps in conjunction with the so-called "file inclusion polymorphism"
  • That is, that the person who is aware of the contextual requirement can arrange to include different .js files into the system in order to represent that fact
  • Then there is no need for contextAwareness "adaptation" broadcasting components since you can simply write the distributeOptions directives in the files which are conditionally included
  • How to add context awareness to a component that didn't previously support it. E.g. for testing purposes. (maybe i want to swap the TTS component for the mock in the test).
  • Simply add the "fluid.contextAware" grade to its grade list
  • Is there a reason for "grades at the right-hand end of the gradeNames list now take priority over those at the left".
  • It is simple common sense :)
  • Do model listeners support namespaces? such as having a "namespace" option at defining a model listener?