Infusion Documentation Style Guide

Infusion documentation is written using Markdown and then converted to HTML using Docpad. The source files and templates are stored in github:


  • Any references to grade names, parameter names, function names, etc. should be styled as code, for example, use fluid.defaults and not fluid.defaults.
    • This applies inside narrative paragraphs, tables, etc.
    • DO NOT use code styling in headings; this will break links to the heading anchors.
  • References to HTML elements should be styled as code and wrapped in < >, for example, a <div> element.
  • Section headings should use sentence-style capitalization (only capitalize the first word and proper nouns) rather than headline-style capitalization.
  • Code snippets should use line breaks judiciously, to improve readability and avoid horizontal scrolling.

Page structure

  • Pages should begin with introductory paragraph(s) without any <h2> level header. Subsequent sections should begin with <h2> headers.
    • The page title, specified in the metadata of the Markdown file, will be converted to an <h1> header ahead of the introductory content.
  • Any text that will be consistent across a number of pages (e.g. production status notes or deprecation warnings) should NOT be hard-coded into the Markdown. Instead, use metadata that will be processed by Docpad, to ensure consistent wordings.
    • The specific mechanism for this will be determined when it needs to be implemented.
  • "Notes" should be wrapped in <div> elements with the infusion-docs-note class and begin with "Note:"; This will ensure that the note is styled according to the designs.


  1. Should text in a header be styled as code? It makes detecting a header a little bit difficult.
  2. Should this style guide live inside the github repository with the source files, or here in the Fluid wiki space?