EPUB Authoring Research

Open Source Authoring platforms


Goal: to simplify the authoring of inclusive EPUB 3

What features of inclusive EPUB 3 should be supported?

  • Media Overlays - i.e. simplify recording, marking up of overlaid sections of text, building of manifest
  • Accessibility Metadata - marking of modalities and other a11y information for content inside the EPUB (i.e. add a11y MD to videos and scripts)
  • Scripting - perhaps marking up of scripts for a11y metadata.
  • Text-to-speech - not supported by most readers, but maybe something to investigate through Daisy?
  • Packaging and building EPUB -  an automated or interactive mechanism that takes contents and builds an EPUB with relevant metadata and manifest info.

Possible extend an existing authoring platform to add some inclusive features.

  • OpenStax CNX
  • Calibre / Sigil plugin
  • OER Commons