This space is an archive space for documentation related to old versions of Fluid Infusion (i.e. versions before 1.3). For documentation related to the latest Infusion, see Infusion Documentation.

Upgrading to version 0.5

This page provides pointers to instructions for upgrading your Fluid impelementations from version 0.4 to version 0.5


The Reorderer comes in several flavours, and so instructions for upgrading your Reorderer implementation are dependent on the flavour of implementation you have. To select the right instructions, identify which Reorderer you're using:

Reorderer Flavour

How to tell if you're using this flavour

Where to find upgrading instructions

List Reorderer

your code uses


Tutorial - List Reorderer 0.5 Migration

Grid Reorderer

your code uses


Tutorial - Grid Reorderer 0.5 Migration

Layout Reorderer

your code uses


Tutorial - Layout Reorderer 0.5 Migration

Layout Customizer

your code uses


Tutorial - Layout Customizer 0.5 Migration

Lightbox/Image Reorderer

your code uses

new fluid.lightbox();

Tutorial - Lightbox 0.5 Migration

Advanced Reorderer

your code uses

new fluid.Reorderer();

Tutorial - Advanced Reorderer 0.5 Migration