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fluid.find(list, fn, deflt)

Scans through a list of objects, terminating on and returning the first member which matches a predicate function.

fluid.find(list, fn, deflt);

File name: Fluid.js


source (Arrayable | Object) The list or hash of objects to be searched.
fn (Function) A predicate function, acting on a list member. A predicate which returns any value which is not null or undefined will terminate the search. The function has the signature (object, index).
deflt (Object) (optional) A value to be returned in the case no predicate function matches a list member. The default will be the natural value of undefined

Return Value

Object the first object in the list that matches the predicate function, or deflt if nothing does

See Also


var findColIndex = function (item, layout) {
    return fluid.find(layout.columns,
                      function (column, colIndex) {
                          return item === column.container? colIndex : undefined;

The function findColIndex uses fluid.find to examine a list of columns. The anonymous function being passed as the second argument compares each column's container property against the desired item and returns the index of the column if it matches. fluid.find will apply this function to each item in the column list and return the first column that matches.