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This functionality is Sneak Peek status. This means that the APIs may change. We welcome your feedback, ideas, and code, but please use caution if you use this new functionality.

fluid.model.composeSegments(seg1, seg2, ...)

Compose any number of path segments, none of which may be empty

fluid.model.composeSegments(seg1, seg2, ...);

File name: Fluid.js


segN (String) fluid.model.composeSegments() accepts any number of string arguments.

Return Value

String A string composed of all of the arguments, joined by "."


var nameSpace = "fluid";
var funcName = "expectFilledSelector";
var namespacedFuncName = fluid.model.composeSegments(nameSpace, funcName);

This example will prepend the given namespace string to the function name, resulting in "fluid.expectFilledSelector".

for (var key in obj) {
    var valueBinding = fluid.model.composeSegments(listPath, key, fieldName);

This example constructs model paths based on the keys in an object.