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fluid.accumulate(list, fn, arg)

Scans through a list of objects, "accumulating" a value over them (may be a straightforward "sum" or some other chained computation). The results will be added to the initial value passed in by "arg" and returned

fluid.accumulate(list, fn, arg);

File name: Fluid.js


list (Array) The list of objects to be accumulated over.
fn (Function) An "accumulation function" accepting the signature (object, total, index) where object is the list member, total is the "running total" object (which is the return value form the previous function), and index is the index number.
arg (Object) The initial value for the "running total" object.

Return Value

Object The modified arg object.

See Also


To a Google developer, this would be "reduce", from the "map/reduce" pairing.


var func = function (column, list) {
    return list.concat(column.elements);
var modules = fluid.accumulate(layout.columns, func, [])

In this example, the function func will add the elements property of each entry of list.columns to an initially empty array and return the filled array.