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Fluid Versioning Scheme

Versioning Scheme

Fluid follows Semantic Versioning 2.0.0


Given a version number MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH, increment the:

  1. MAJOR version when you make incompatible API changes,
  2. MINOR version when you add functionality in a backwards-compatible manner, and
  3. PATCH version when you make backwards-compatible bug fixes.

Additional labels for pre-release and build metadata are available as extensions to the MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH format.

Versioning Scheme - 1.5.x and earlier

Fluid uses a 4 component versioning system (e.g.

The number in the first position ( indicates a major release.

The number in the second position ( indicates a minor release.

The number in the third position ( indicates a bug fix release.

The number in the fourth position ( indicates a special micro release.

Please note, for brevity, trailing 0's may be omitted. ( === 1.2)

Major Release

Minor Release

Bug Fix Release

  • Bug Fixes
  • Backwards Compatible
  • May include small new features
  • Retains current namespace

Special Micro Release

  • No changes to released code
    • Usually reserved for changes to things such as build scripts
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