Documentation for a historical release of Infusion: 1.4
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This functionality is Sneak Peek status. This means that the APIs may change. We welcome your feedback, ideas, and code, but please use caution if you use this new functionality.

This page is still being drafted and is incomplete at this time.

This function has been removed as of v1.4 and replaced with fluid.renderer.createRendererSubcomponent.

fluid.renderer.createRendererFunction(container, selectors, options, model, fossils)


fluid.renderer.createRendererFunction(container, selectors, options, model, fossils);

File name: RendererUtilities.js


container (jQueryable) A string selector, DOM node or jQuery object that is the container for this renderer function.
selectors (Object) A set of named selectors strings (key/value pairs where the key is the selector name and the value is the string selector).
options (Object) Options that will control the behaviour of the renderer function. See below for more information.
model (Object) The data model that is to be rendered.
fossils (Object) (optional)

Return Value

Function The renderer function, which accepts a single parameter: the prototree. When invoked, this function will render the prototree into the container.


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