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Template Loader

The Template Loader is used by UI Options to configure the location of the various HTML templates that are used in the UI Options dialog. The options described on this page can be configured through the options of the main UI Options components. Three version of UI Options are available:

Do not use this component directly. The information on this page should be use when customizing one of the three versions.

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Values for the options in the drop-down lists in this set of controls


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A JavaScript object containing named template filenames. Four templates are supported:

  • textControls: The template for the text controls (e.g. font size, etc.)
  • layoutControls: The template for the layout controls (e.g. table of contents)
  • linksControls: The template for the links controls (e.g. larger links, etc.)
  • uiOptions: The template for the whole interface, into which the other templates are rendered.


templates: {
    textControls: "%prefix/UIOptionsTemplate-text.html",
    layoutControls: "%prefix/UIOptionsTemplate-layout.html",
    linksControls: "%prefix/UIOptionsTemplate-links.html",
    uiOptions: "%prefix/FatPanelUIOptions.html"

Note that the default value of uiOptions is overridden by two of the versions of UI Options as follows:

  • Full Page: "%prefix/FullNoPreviewUIOptions.html"
  • Full Page (with Preview): "%prefix/FullPreviewUIOptions.html"


templates: {
    uiOptions: "../templates/CustomUIOptionsLayout.html"


The special notation %prefix refers to the path specified using the prefix option of the parent UI Options component: The prefix will be used where specified in these paths. If the paths specified using this option do not make use of the %prefix notation, then these paths will override the prefix.

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