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Lightbox Future Planning

To Do:

  • Need to figure out keyboard-only interaction in the Image Gallery single image view (engaging the slide show, paging, etc.).  This behavior will need to be implemented by UCB.
  • Gather feedback on current scenario behavior
  • Flesh out additional scenarios
  • Create new personas for students, keyboard-only user, low visioned user, screen reader user.  Keyboard-only is highest priority since they are our focus currently.
    • Mike E. is drafting keyboard-only and screen reader user persona - students.
    • Incorporate low vision in Eileen's persona if not already done

Working Questions:

  • How do keyboard-only users move between tools in Sakai now?  MIKE E.
  • Will the Resources tool allow a keyboard-only user to upload files?  MIKE E.
  • If we need some work done to Resources to allow keyboard-only access how does this happen.

Future functionality:

Lightbox Component 

  • Screen magnification for thumbnails and other similar use cases
  • Additional visual cues for discovering move functionality that a user sees the first several (5 maybe) times they visit the tool.   Important since RICH interactions are not expected on the web yet.  This will require additional persistence in Gallery tool.

Image Gallery

  • Keyboard-only access to all parts of Gallery tool (particularly the single image view)
  • See above lightbox component -- may need additional persistence if we want to add visual cues for discovery the first few times a user visits the tool.  We'll have to keep track of the number of visits.


  • Keyboard-only file upload at minimum but would be good if entire tool is accesible in this way.
  • After files within folders in the Image Gallery Collection Folder have been reorganized, new files should be added at the beginning of the list in alphabetical order.