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Uploader Known Issues in Infusion 0.6

To support Flash 10 (released on 9/26/2008), the Uploader required a new version of the SWFUpload
Flash component (2.2.0 beta 3). This new version, still in beta, still has numerous bugs. We have
worked around many of the bugs and inconsistencies in the SWFUpload code, but there are still
significant compromises and issues in this release. For this reason we do not consider this version
of the Uploader to be production-ready.

In the previous version of the Uploader, the Flash component worked completely "behind the scenes".
To support Flash 10, the Uploader displays a Flash-based "Browse files..." button in place of a
HTML button. The Flash-based button presents the following quirks:

In Firefox and IE, the Flash-based Browse button does not size correctly when the text/page
is resized or zoomed.

In Firefox (FF):

  • The AIRA role for the Browse button is read correctly as "button" but the text of the button,
    "Browse Files", is ignored.
  • The Flash-based Browse button traps keyboard navigation, refusing to give up focus without a
    mouse click.

In Internet Explorer (IE):

  • The Uploader under IE6 and IE7 requires Flash 10.
  • AIRA is not supported by Internet Explorer.

We are exploring work-arounds for most of these issues, and will have a patch out as soon
as possible to fix them.