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Uploader Competetive Analysis

Flickr (October 2008)

  • Notice no buttons/choices once you start uploading. 
  • I accidently chose a folder of 473 images (rather than the subfolder), hit upload before I realized what I was doing and then there was no way to stop it (perhaps I could have just closed my browser?). 
  • File names seem to pop as most important after selection (first page).  We could do more to make our filenames stand out.



SmugMug (Feb 23, 2011)

  • drag and drop files into uploader area.

  • drag and drop files any time to queue.
  • can remove items from queue while upload is in progress, but can't remove the files being uploaded

  • pause button will stop the upload once the current concurrent uploads are completed.
  • Above image shows the upload being paused. 2 files are finishing uploading before stopping.

  • Resuming the upload.