Circle of Care

Providers of care or support for an individual. This may include medical practitioners, therapists, support care workers, as well as family and friends. 


Individual circumstances that affect the needs and preferences of how someone may be able to address tasks; they can be physical (e.g. a noisy environment) or experiential (e.g. financial stress). 


 A generic term referring to any person; regardless of role. i.e. patient, practitioner, etc.


 A person who is receiving treatment or care from a practitioner as a patient or client. May also be referred to as the “recipient of care. 


 A term used to generally describe a medical practitioner. This may include medical practitioners, therapists, and etc.

Virtual Healthcare

 Any part of a healthcare experience that is not done in person. For example: on the phone or video call with a receptionist, pharmacist, or doctor. Virtual healthcare can be conducted using combinations of tools like a website, a web conferencing app, text messaging, and the telephone.