2011-12-13 Skype Call

2011-12-13 Skype Call


  • Colin
  • Kasper
  • Jutta
  • Jutta
  • Gerhard
  • Liddy
  • Andy
  • Vassilis
  • Trifon
  • Gottfried

1. Housekeeping

Renaming of the project and Wiki page

  • Colin will try to rename pages or come up with more obvious labeling "AccessForAll".

2. Setting up archived listserve logistics and membership

Colin will set up an access4all mailing list, managed by mailman. 

Kasper and Colin will set up a Wiki page with instructions on how to sign up for the mailing list.

3. Goals of new version

Specific goals are expressed in the new work item proposal, in the context of ISO/IEC JTC1.

In addition to that we should have more generic goals for the benefit of those not involved in ISO/IEC.

Individual goals have been phrased by the different people participating in this group.  See http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/ISO24751/Goals+of+the+Current+Work+Item.

We will create a joint goal (mission statement) through a Wiki page, and discuss that at the next session.  Jutta will set up that page.

4. Structure of standard (one, two or three parts?)

This will come out of further discussions. The previous versions of ISO/IEC 24751 had pairs of expressions for description of users and resources.

5. List of standards to harmonize with and integrate including ETSI

Gottfried has set up an initial list of user profile standards: http://wiki.fluidproject.org/display/ISO24751/User+Profile+Standards

Discussion on different approaches of user profiles:

  • We will not describe people in terms of defects.
  • We will not sort people into medical categories.
  • The user profile data should lead to determining a user's needs for user interfaces.
  • We will need further discussion on functional descriptions and their potential value.

Andy mentions BSI 8878 describing process approaches for accessibility. This seems out of scope for this group.

We might think about other standard classes, e.g. regarding user interface adaptation, match making approaches, etc.  We should have the following classes of standards:

  • Device Description Standards
  • Context (Usage Environment) Description Standards
  • User Interface Adaptation Standards
  • Digital Resource Description Standards

General approaches:

  • An individual expresses their needs and preferences
  • Look at similar patterns, prompt the individual for proposed adaptations

6. Other communication mechanisms

There was discussion on how open we can work without getting in conflict with copyright issues of ISO/IEC.  We need to address this issue.

Action Items

  • Colin to tweak the Wiki pages to stress the "AccessForAll" community.
  • Kasper and Colin to set up a Wiki page with instructions on how to sign up for the mailing list.
  • Jutta to set up an overall goal page (for collection of goals).
  • Jutta to clarify the openness issue.