2012-01-17 Meeting


  • Gregg Vanderheiden
  • Andy Heath
  • Erlend Overby
  • Gottfried
  • Jutta Croll
  • Liddy Neville
  • Jutta Treviranus
  • Gerhard Weber
  • Trifon Trifonov
  • Vassilis Koutkias

Action Items

  1. [ANDY] Recruit participant experts in Digital Literacy: (Andy will make a cold contact.)
    1. Pending. Andy waiting for reply.
    2. Jutta Croll has contacts too. Needs more details on what expertise is needed. Andy: Jutta & Jutta should talk about this. ECDL = European Computer Driving License.
    3. Jutta T.: We want to capture all needs of users that we didn't capture in the first round (24751).  By end of Feb. we want to have a comprehensive set of preferences.
    4. Andy: What are we expecting from these experts, e.g. participation in calls, etc.?  What process do we follow if they can't join the calls?  Jutta: Ageing group will have a focused discussion, organized by Jutta T.  Process specific to group.
    5. Information: Andy has talked to DCL. Friend in discussion with Loughborough university, also in DCL. Should draw on the eLearning lists in the UK.
  2. [GREGG V] To get a contact with Deaf - Blindness
    1. Talked with Amy Parker, she is interested and willing to contribute
  3. [Jutta ]: will hold a 1-2 hour consultation with all of the Bianca Stern Andrew Arch and  David Sloan
    1. Will happen this week
  4. Jutta: Make a list of user groups involved, and those whose needs haven't been captured yet

User Experts Involvement

Groups to be involved:

  • ISO 24751-2 covers already some user groups
  • Ageing - Focused discussion organized by Jutta T.
  • Autism - Annuska has contact
  • Others in planning stage

Jutta will make a list of user groups involved.

Relevant User Profile Standards


  • Nuisance: Pending moderator approval
  • We will use Adobe Connect for future meetings


  • at 20:00 UTC