2011-11-29 Skype Call


  • Liddy
  • Andy
  • Colin
  • Trifon
  • Erlend
  • Gottfried
  • (Greetings from other people, including Jutta and Gregg, who were stuck in Brussels due to the AEGIS meeting having ended just before, and security clearing the building)


1. Review of the NWI


Discussion deferred to next week (people didn't have a chance to look at it beforehand)

2. Membership – new member recommendations

Not discussed.

3. Wiki organization


  • We now have our own Wiki which is a space of the FLUID project Wiki.  Can we have a specific name for "our" Wiki (not "fluidproject")?
  • We need public and private spaces.
  • We need to have a document space, and be able to distribute documents among the group.

4. Process recommendations

  • We need a short name for this group/activity
  • Agenda and documents to be discussed should be circulated at least 24 hours ahead
  • For the meeting, we should have a text chat channel
  • Also, we should have a mailing list
  • Could we use a real conferencing tool, e.g. Adobe Connect (accessibility requirements to be met)?

5. Next meeting

Next week at the same time.