2012-01-03 Skype Call

Access for All Meeting - Jan 3, 2012


Jutta Treviranus
Gregg Vanderheiden
Andy Heath
Jutto Croll
Kasper Markus
Liddy Nevile
Erlend Øverby
Gerhard Weber


0. Assign minute taker
1. Review progress on action items
2. Develop workplan and timeline
3. Plan consultation with participant experts
4. Housekeeping
5. Other business

Progress on action items

14.-18. May 2012 WSIS meeting in Geneva, exhibit with sample profiles, (World Summit on Information Society;www.wsis.org)

Recruitment of end user advocates: (Jutta T) Baycrest (senior people) will collaborate; prefers to join focussed meetings;  Bonny Devine will provide input on aboriginal and oral cultures

Further people: literacy issues with driver license in UK: no contact so far;

Andy will adress David Sloan  (aging people)

Timeline development

Erlend presents the timeline for revising ISO standard 24751:

  • by May 2012 next WG meeting, input needed for CD;
  • new Draft Standard by Christmas 2013.
  • or submit as Woking Draft in July 2012 to ISO

Common language for needs and preferences

(Jutta T) Harmonization with other groups needs to be developed; address gaps in the current standard, create an inventory, look at implications on the resource description; resource descriptions have been adressing how successful the user needs can be met.

Structure for describing resources that encompasses user feedback

A separate task is how to structure the resource description. Distinguish between the service’s capability and the user’s needs. The Universal Remote addresses UI issues and was not considered in the original standard.(Andy) The choice of Accessibility API has implications on the profile description. (Jutta T) Do we have to be explicit about the type of description?


This term needs to be unpacked and we should discuss if an additional standard is needed.

The standard should be applicable in a variety of Metadata standards.

 Other standards related to security and privacy preferences may be helpful. If anybody learns about such activities please inform Gregg and Kapser, who will report back to this group.

 Universal Remote (ISO 24752) is an example for a standard related to HW preferences.

Special meetings with separate adhoc groups can be held in parallel

Detailed timeline

  • end of February personal needs and preferences inventory
  • end of February list of resource description standards, types of descriptions, specifications (Andy)
  • during February discussion of the standard’s structure and how to revise the scope statement, how to address context
  • end of March skeleton structure,
  • populate by end of April

(Liddy) Organize the repository as a concept map. (Jutta T) We need on place to collect the information in a bottom up manner and not top-town initially.


(Andy) Is a mailing  list available? Soon to be announced.

(Jutta T) Next meeting at Tuesday in a week on: Set up adhoc meetings

Create a “lessons learned” in Wiki