2011-11-22 Skype Call

Access for All Meeting - Nov. 22, 2011


Gregg (bailed out mid-way)
Somebody from Omnitor

1. Goals and Scope of the Group

Weekly working meetings towards version 2 of ISO/IEC 24751.
Scope: Description of individual needs and preferences.
Not only educational applications.  Projects include: Cloud4All, FLOE, CREATE.
Hardware modification is necessary.  ISO/IEC 24752 needed for personal controllers.

2. Terms of Reference

Open process for document development.
Why ISO meeting?  Just an informal meeting of experts supporting the editors.
We might create subcommittees for specific tasks.
Document sharing? Confluence.

3. Timelines and Milestones

New 24751 revision by May 2012.  Then CD vote until Sep. 2012.

4. Membership

Open to everybody, also users.
So far input from blind and deaf user, but not from other user groups.
Also SC35 and other SCs can be involved.  
Also SWG-A.


  • FLOE: Open education resources, to go for another 1.5 years at least.
  • Cloud4All
  • GPII
  • Kong Flu?  Match-making algorithms
  • Access for all, Ontario Public Service
  • New FP7 program led by SmartLab (in application phase)

Next steps

  • IDRC will set up Confluence (public and private sections)
  • Post standard documents (Gottfried to help)
  • Invite others to next meeting next week