Create a list of potential participants

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As a co-design co-ordinator for this project, I should be able to access a list of people and organizations who may be interested in participating in the co-design process. I should be able to access contact information and understand at what capacity they want to be involved in and which roles they would like to take.


Participants’ list need to provide:

  • A format that allows multiple co-design coordinators to collaborate and work on the same list to recruit participants.  

  • A way to track coordination process and avoid parallel work

  • A secure way to capture name and contact information of each potential participant

  • A secure way to capture any specific information about each participants, such as their time and location preferences, dietary restrictions, accessibility and language services, etc.

To populate this list:

  • Identify groups who will be affected by this project

  • Search for advocacy groups, communities, institutions, and organizations that are involved with or organized by these groups.

  • Contact the community to tap into their current connections and networks

  • Contact the people or organizations who have been identified

  • Work with the organizations that agree to participate to plan a co-design approach that best suits their needs, preferences and resources.

Co-design coordinators should maintain the list and ensure its information is up-to-date.  


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