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The goals of this project are to:
1. Create a new “Indigenized” Environmental Science college textbook with a target audience of TCUs.
2. Learn about the process of revising an open textbook, so it could potentially be replicated with other textbooks.

Here's how you can help:

If you teach Environmental Science at a TCU, you can join the team of instructors who will guide their students in creating content to improve an existing openly licensed textbook. Instructors who join this project will be provided with a $1,000 stipend, and commit to:
- work with the team to develop a student assignment/activity in Summer 2020
- implement the assignment/activity in Fall 2020 with my students
- provide feedback on the updated textbook in Spring 2021

If you're interested in joining this team of instructors, please complete this form (COMING SOON).

Draft Project Timeline

Spring 2020

Find instructors interested in joining the project.

Agree on an open textbook from the Open Textbook Library that will be revised by the team. Here are some example textbooks: Example 1, Example 2, Example 3
Summer 2020

As a team, develop an assignment / activity to be used by students in Fall 2020. The goal of the assignment / activity will be for students to develop content (stories, translations, images, videos, ???) that can later be integrated into the open textbook to give an indigenous perspective on Environmental Science.

Each instructor chooses a section of the textbook to focus their students' efforts to enhance.

Fall 2020

Instructors implement assignment with students.

Spring 2021

Publishing partners will be selected to help revise the selected open textbook to include the student-created indigenous media (stories, translations, images, videos, ???).

Instructor team will provide feedback on drafts of the revised textbook.