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[08:03:44 CDT(-0500)] <ramil> I'm interested in Fluid Project Idea #2 CMS Plugins for Infusion Components, who is the mentor for it?

[08:45:53 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> ramil: have you taken a look here?

[08:51:10 CDT(-0500)] <ramil> jessm: yes , it doesn't have any info on the mentors

[08:52:03 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> ramil: ah ha. i don't know who the mentor on that is. colinclark do you know?

[08:52:11 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Yes, the mentor for that project is anastasiac

[08:52:16 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> figured

[08:52:24 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> and ramil she isn't in the channel yet today

[08:52:26 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> I think she's not in today

[08:52:39 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> Do you have some questions, ramil?

[08:55:20 CDT(-0500)] <ramil> Ok so for the UI Options, I don't know if you need to build a theme or a module because I'm choosing Drupal as my CMS

[08:58:08 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> ramil: since UIO deals with both layout and content, it seems you might be better served spending time on a module

[08:59:11 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> You'll probably need to do both, actually

[08:59:17 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> but I'm not an expert in Drupal

[08:59:46 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> presumably, in addition to creating a UI Options module as jessm suggests, you may also want to make a theme that can be appropriately restyled by UIO

[09:01:04 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> both makes sense

[09:02:00 CDT(-0500)] <jessm> colinclark: that'll raise interesting design issues methinks

[09:02:16 CDT(-0500)] <colinclark> yup; it'll be an interesting project

[09:02:38 CDT(-0500)] <Ra__> Hello jhung!

[09:10:20 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> Hey Ra__

[09:10:40 CDT(-0500)] <Ra__> jhung did you see my mail?..

[09:10:43 CDT(-0500)] <ramil> anastasiac: are you the mentor for the CMS Plugins for Infusion Components project?

[09:11:03 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> Ra__: yes. I'm looking over it now.

[09:13:04 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ramil, yes, I'm one of the mentors for that project

[09:14:12 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> Ra__: I'll respond via email probably tomorrow since Justin_o is away today.

[09:14:46 CDT(-0500)] <Ra__> okay yes jhung! no problem.. meanwhile if you can suggest what I should do?..

[09:15:13 CDT(-0500)] <Ra__> I am already looking into the infusion framework examples..

[09:15:21 CDT(-0500)] <ramil> anastasiac, so if i pick Drupal, do I need to write module or make a theme, or both?

[09:16:10 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ramil, part of the project would be to evaluate what would be required, based on typical Drupal practices, etc.

[09:16:30 CDT(-0500)] <ramil> ok

[09:17:04 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> Ra__: That's good. Code-wise I'm not sure what else would be good for you to look at. Justin_o would be able to give a better recommendation.

[09:18:04 CDT(-0500)] <Ra__> jhung: Okay thanks!.. I would be looking forward to your reply...

[09:18:11 CDT(-0500)] <Ra__> (smile)

[09:18:13 CDT(-0500)] <jhung> ok. (smile)

[09:18:40 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ramil, our goad would be to make it very easy for anyone setting up a Drupal site to add the User Interface Options component to the site. If that's easiest done with a module, then great. If a combination of module or theme would provide the best solution, then that would be the way to go, etc. We don't want to prescribe any look-and-feel, so a theme would have to be extensible for example the way WordPress has child and parent themes

[09:26:26 CDT(-0500)] <ramil> It says, "Familiarity the Infusion Framework is not required" so what do I need to know about the framework if I plan to work on the project or what do you recommend I do at this point?

[10:11:11 CDT(-0500)] <heidiv> cindyli does your js branch for UIO fix manual-tests/html/SomeKindOfNews.html ?

[10:11:22 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> yes, heidiv

[10:11:28 CDT(-0500)] <heidiv> k, cool. thanks

[10:11:31 CDT(-0500)] <cindyli> np

[12:55:16 CDT(-0500)] <thealphanerd> Bosmon: hey you around?

[13:11:45 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ramil, I'm sorry I missed your question, I was away from the channel for a bit. Since this project is about integrating the User Interface Options component into a CMS, I suggest you start by learning a bit about User Interface Options (UIO). You can look at our demos and the source code for them: and

[13:12:39 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ramil, you might also want to look at our WordPress base theme, for an idea of how we've incorporated UIO into WordPress:

[13:13:41 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ramil, you will need to learn a bit about the Infusion Framework. You can start with our introductory tutorial, and ask questions here in the channel: This tutorial will have links to related documentation

[13:14:26 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ramil, we also have a tutorial describing how to incorporate UIO into a website. It will be updated soon to reflect ongoing changes in the UIO code, but it's a start:

[13:14:42 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ramil, have a look at some of the documentation and the code, and ask questions here in the channel.

[13:15:41 CDT(-0500)] <anastasiac> ramil, you can see the WordPress plugin in action on the IDI website and the Fluid Studios website