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List of Features/Considerations for Keypad

  • vertical (volume) slider better than horizontal
  • include a wrist rest/support
  • concave key surface for non-slip is best
  • sufficient distance between the keys (no less than half a key width)
  • shape of key matches function?
  • larger keys better (but not too large as to be unidentifiable as a key)
  • arrange keys to line up with resting finger positions?
  • include a keyguard for accurate key selection?
  • keys only activated when pressed down for sufficient time, in order to ignore accidental key presses (eg. caps lock key on mac os)
  • solution for left-handed users or users who cannot reach the keypad (e.g. wheelchair too large to roll right up to kiosk)?
  • audio feedback upon key selection or “snap” key for user-confirmation
  • internal key illumination – could brighten upon engagement
  • physical separation of keypad groups:
    • navigation keys (forward, back, select)
    • home
    • help
    • audio keys (volume, headphone jack, audio description on/off)
  • audio description/screen reader icon improvement (speech bubble?)
  • “back” key function needs to be clearer – change to undo? Need better icon
  • embossed/(engraved?) symbols on keys for tactile feedback
    • e.g. volume slider with embossed icon along with +/- embossed symbols indicating volume limits at each end
  • put headphone jack in centre of headphone icon?
  • sufficient height of keys (>5mm as per ETSI)
  • contrast between keys and kiosk base (illumination will help) as well as contrast between key label/icon and key itself
  • minimum size of keys (>12mm in any dimension)
  • key material (matte surface best for reduced glare but non-slip)
  • size of characters on keys >7.5mm with 1mm between character and edge of key
  • sans serif font, lowercase letter height > ½ of upper case height
  • function keys should be labelled with the full function names in the national or preferred language, or by well-known symbols
titleList of QuestionsborderStylesolid
  • do external speakers turn off when headphone is plugged in?
  • what is function of headphones?
  • audio description can come through external speakers
  • is it just to provide greater volume than can be tolerated in the museum environment? (i.e. assistive listening rather than audio description)
  • want to avoid someone having to go from kiosk to kiosk plugging in headphones each time – can we assume that users requiring assistive listening will come with a personal solution (e.g. hearing aid)?
  • is there sufficient refresh time--out in the system to allow for users requiring more time to navigate?