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(Work in progress)


Time required

This protocol is intended to be used for very fast (~10-15 minutes), in-the-field hallway user testing.

Session structure

The session is composed of three parts:


We're about to show you a few blueprints of the application we're designing. They won't be coloured or look complete, but we want to get your input on how it should work. We will be recording sound and video of your screen during this session. These recordings are just for the design team and will not be distributed. Is it okay if we record you during this session?

We'll start by asking you to complete a few tasks. Please speak your thoughts aloud. Let us know what pops out at you first, what you're looking at, what you're reading, what you think the different parts of the design do, what you're expecting to happen, what options you're thinking of and how you come to your decision. Let us know if anything seems awkward or doesn't seem to flow the way you'd expect or want it to.