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Infusion 1.3.1 (~Feb. 15, 2011)

THEME: Repo migration and cleanup of critical 1.3 tasks

1.3.1 Jira filter

Dev + Code

  • Uploader fixes
    • Blockers
      • Error handling
        • UI Design - Expand file queue summary Live region with the appropropriate error message. (1)
        • Enable the Stop button for HTML 5 (0.25 day)
        • Remove the "wait for current file to finish" feature before stopping, or provide user feedback if we can't (1 day)
        • File queue size exceeds queue limit message (0.25)
        • File size exceeds file size limit message (0.25)
      • Progress bar fix for FormData browsers (3)
      • Disable the Add More button while uploading (2.5 - includes a day for options merging learning)
      • Disable the delete key while uploading (1)
    • Critical
      • Markup Improvement
        • Restyle footer piece to be <div> instead of <table> (0.25 day) 
        • Get rid of Scroller component (2 days)
        • Fix any breakages in Uploader based on markup changes (1 day)
        • Add support for the Renderer (5 days)
    • Major
      • File Queue refactoring (question)
  • any other big 1.3 critical bugs
    • Justin will help coordinate
  • Migrate to Git and github
    • Justin and Jamon will work on this together
  • Small code cleanup tasks
    • Justin coordinating and everyone helping
  • FSS triage and recruitment
    • Colin and Heidi will plan this out


  • Determine first deliverable for preferences storage: a) server + single sign on or b) local browser storage with a Firefox extension
  • Server-side bootstrapping for preferences server or Jetpack experimentation for local storage
  • Infusion framework bug fixes

Design Deliverables (details)

  • Error handling wireframes
  • UI Options redesign
    • more planning needed to scope
    • plan FSS improvements in this too
    • Preferences in particular (through conversation with the Developers)
  • builder redesign w/ incorporated header

Design work to begin (deliverable for 1.4 or 1.5) (details)

  • begin work on demo portal redesign
  • begin work on doc redesign
    • wiki docs
    • Inclusive Learning Handbook

Documentation Deliverables

  • 1.3 docs finalized
  • a started FAQ
  • collaborate with designers on doc redesign

Documentation work to begin

  • begin investigating options for new documentation infrastructure

Infusion 1.4 (~April 5, 2011)

THEME: User preferences and style and layout transformation

Dev + code

  • Improvements to FSS (Justin, Heidi, Gary)
    • Remove !important declarations throughout FSS
    • Improve FSS reset and remove problematic focus styles
    • Improved linearization support
    • Better clearfix strategy
    • New contributions:
      • Portlet styles from Gary & Unicon
      • Default form styles from Erin & Jesse
  • UI Options refactoring + redesign (Michelle, Cindy, Colin)
    • Make Preview a subcomponent
    • Make UI Options a "renderer component"
    • Implement new look and feel
    • Implement new form controls
  • Uploader (Mike, Harris, Colin, Antranig)
    • Better error handling and messages to the user
    • Consistent support for file types across both HTML5 and Flash
    • New demo server
    • Comprehensive unit test coverage


  • Preferences integration (server or browser ext)
    • Integrate UI Options with OpenID and prefs server for cloud-based preferences
    • Build Firefox extension for storing preferences locally and granting cross-domain privileges
  • Consider metadata and preferences to stretch beyond styling
    • Create an architecture and design sketch for an accessible metadata service that can store and share accessible content relationships using Web-based APIs
    • Design an API specification for sharing, searching and retrieving metadata/preferences via the Web, which can be implemented by a variety of other repositories and services.
  • Refinements to IoC to enable the creation of applications that can adapted, augmented, or changed dynamically based on environment, context, or user preference.

Design Deliverables (details)

  • demo portal redesign
  • doc redesign
  • demo reconceptualization

Design work to begin (deliverable for 1.5) (details)

  • style suggest
  • main site redesign
  • Inclusive Learning Handbook doc and design check-in

Documentation Deliverables

  • new UI Options docs
  • new renderer docs
  • doc redesign completes with designers
  • make docs easier-to-understand

Documentation work to continue (deliverable for 1.5)

  • tech evaluation for new doc platform
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