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  • No consumer grade end-to-end solution for digitization
  • originals are valuable.
    o owners not willing to let the objects out of their property.
    o State-run collections (like archaeological artifacts) are locked up
  • portable station is important to solve this problem of security.
  • How to recruit and train scanners and somehow generate well-structured PDFs
    o Ease of use important to getting volunteers up and running quickly with little overhead.
  • Send out transcription to other sites (does this mean scanning of actual books? -JH)
  • then put it into the decapod workflow for processing.


Summary of Main operations


"transfer" ink from one side imprints on opposite


  • physical bleedthrough (ink bleed through page)
  • opposite bleedthrough (back page optically bleeds through)

Metric: Confidence?

  • Is it text but not recognized? Push it onto workflow
  • Is it text but not english? What do you do?

Future Meetings / Tasks:

John Burns to Toronto - June 8?

  • talk about some wireframes, use cases

JB anticipates two Pilots:
1 - user testing on UI early.
2 - prototype into hands of early adopters.


Dina Markham - national archives.

  • can't let out artifacts from facility.
  • Public accessible digital replicas and portable digitization station more convenient for getting people to see collections.

John B Howard

Dave Simski?

  • HP had a massive OCR project
  • Dave Simksky - developed a way to manually zone regions / marking up zones


  • ATIC / atise? / ATICE?- ocr? (not sure of the name)
  • Plastic Logics