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•Users don’t evolve as fast as technology

Accessibility Ecosystem 

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Descriptive text 

A graphic representation of an Accessibility Ecosystem made up of three concentric circles: 1. Regulation: regulate overall process; functional accessibility requirements that remain constant, 2. Trusted Regulated Authority has the power to qualify candidate new methods of meeting regulatory functional accessibility requirements and ensure qualifying methods have accompanying tools and resources to employ methods; retire outdated methods, 3. Curated Open Repository to Support Compliance: tools; resources; exemplars; reviews; training; research and guidance. Individuals with Disabilities co-design, guide and contribute to these processes. Obligated organizations propose new methods to Trusted Regulated Authority and contribute resources to Curated Open Repository to Support Compliance. The public contributes to the Curated Open Repository by monitoring and reporting, gaps can then be addressed in training. Government fills resource pool gaps through procurement. Individuals with disabilities are engaged in co-design of Regulation section, guiding Trusted Regulated Authority, and contributing to all obligated organizations.