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Update the ReleaseNotes.txt

Be sure to update the version number, the zip file names (which include the version number), the "What's New" section with a list of features of the release, the list of supported browsers if it has changed, the third-party licenses if they have changed and the "Known Issues" section with highlights of the known issues.

Generate and test release bundles

Compare the production bundle to the repository and ensure everything is present. Compare the two bundles - the only difference should be that the source bundle does not have a war file, the production bundle has minified javascript and the source bundle does not have minified javascript.

Tag, package and post the release

See Tag, package and test the release for details.

Update component landing pages

Each component landing page should be updated to ensure that: the progress indicators are up-to-date, and the links to the "latest release" demos refer to the posted bundles.

Update the demos on the Fluid website

Once the release bundle is posted, the links on the website to demos of the latest release must be updated: (currently these point at the build site which is up-to-date with master, but we may want to freeze these on the released version )